crushbugz zoo

crushbugz zoo

Our Thoughts...

Raisin is the King, Coconut the Queen, Sprinkles the Duchess, Truffles the Duke and precious Sweet Pickles the Princess... Mom couldn't say 'no' so here we are in this chaotic, not so quiet place the crushbugz chihuahua zoo!

crushbugz the master and slave of these crazy Chihuahuas

the breakfast stare

she'll break. just keep staring. keep staring. she'll break... 
-Truffles, Pickles, Sprinkles

crazy storms!!

but mom kept us safe.. i dont think we really like the basement. this morning we basked in the sun together...

sprinkles w disgusted look...

look mom tape measures in me don't mix

by the fire...

we were shivering and mom said 'lets put a fire on'... we are happy n toasty

new pig ear...

now that my tummy is finally full, i get to work on my new chewy. mom, im happy

everybody wants MY bone

sisterly love

normally Pickles hates it when others touch while shes sleeping but today i guess ear to ear w Sprinkles is acceptable in the morning sun

bath-time Sprinkles

really mom?! couldnt we hv put off my bath until later? like, maybe 6 months or a year from now?!!