crushbugz zoo

crushbugz zoo

Our Thoughts...

Raisin is the King, Coconut the Queen, Sprinkles the Duchess, Truffles the Duke and precious Sweet Pickles the Princess... Mom couldn't say 'no' so here we are in this chaotic, not so quiet place the crushbugz chihuahua zoo!

crushbugz the master and slave of these crazy Chihuahuas

'Sweet Pickles'

Introducing the new baby in town! Raisin is NOT excited to have a new pup in the house

Coconut is coming around. She is happy there is another girl

'Sweet Pickles' aka: Pickles is another rescue. Kept in a closed shoe box with a pee pad liner. No food, water or light. She was emaciated, riddled with worms and scars. Her mother was very abusive in rejecting her so she was left to fend for herself at 5wks. She was dropped off at my doorstep at 1.6lbs. It took only TLC to get this pup in shape.

Now.... she is a bouncy healthy pup at 2.6lbs!

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